Financial Accounting and Collection services
Evincesis believes that back office efficiencies are key to driving profitability. The efficiencies of the finance function can be a very real source of competitive advantage to your firm. To enable this we offer complete and diversified finance and accounting services including accounts payable, accounts receivable, billing, general accounting and other accounting tasks across a range of industry vertical segments.
Skilled senior executives and consultants who have had widespread experience with leading companies in managing operations and projects for large finance and accounting outsourcing services manage the Evincesis accounting services. We have a senior leadership team with strong finance and accounting operations expertise as well as the requisite chartered accounting certifications necessary in order to serve our clients effectively.
Our Expertise includes:
1st party, early stage, late stage, consumer and commercial collections experience
Licensed or exempt to perform collections in all U.S. states except North Carolina
Compliant with Gramm-Leach-Biley Act and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
Proven recruitment training, performance tracking systems, MIS and incentive programs
We offer the following spectrum of accounting and collection services:
Financial Accounting
General accounting Treasury and cash management Transaction processing
Expense accounting
Account reconcilation
Asset accounting and management
Payroll and benefits administration
Research on suspense account entries
Financial analysis
Tax calculation, accounting and maintenance
Bank reconcilation and positive pay
Research on unapplied cash
Cash application and balancing
Cash flow analysis
Funds transfer administration
Accounts payable
Accounts receivable
Cash disbursements
1099 maintenance
Performence Reporting and MIS
Collections and Accounts Receivable Management Services
Early and late collections from individuals
Collections from commercial enterprises
Automated dialing systems
Tracking Debtors
BPO Services
Software Development
IT Consulting
IT Staffing
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