Evincesis is an organization where services form the crux of the activities carried on. We are constantly on the lookout for the best human resources compilation in our company.
The economic boom has expounded various avenues to invest the human energies into. Individuals from all streams of vocation can be recruited through the systematic procedural route. We also provide professional services for specific venture probation period. In the IT jargon, it is known as IT staffing, where qualified professionals are trained pre-ordained & placed at companies on a project basis.
We follow a very transparent & just human resources policy in recruiting & training individuals with our specialized expertise. There are periodic reviews for fair performance based appraisals & the individual is given complete overview of his performance.
We truly believe in the ideology that an organization can grow only if the individuals manning that organization grow. We work with that underlying principle & are totally committed to growth.
If this is what you are looking at, to reflect in your work portfolio then we are the place to be in.
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